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Voices of Patients Completely Cured by Haripractic

Below are the voices of the patients completely cured by Haripractic of Kendo Kawai recently.

They were interviewed by a staff in the clinic and summarized as their comments.

Mrs. Y. (88 years old) who was suffering from spinal canal stenosis 

February 18, 2015

I first visited Kawai Shinkyuin due to terrible pains on my back, left buttock and foot. I could not walk after 2, 3 steps from the pain on my left leg. I first felt this pain in January last year, and had it X-rayed at a hospital, but they found nothing unusual. But in April, the pain returned and I had an MRI scanning. I was told that I had a spinal canal stenosis and that the only cure was a surgery at the hospital. But I have a weak heart and I am old, and did not want to undergo an operation under anesthesia.

So, my son brought me to Kawai Shinkyuin. Mr. Kawai first told me "Your bone has aged in addition to the spinal canal stenosis. It will take 15 treatments before you will be cured." I began visiting the clinic twice a week. After third and fourth treatments, I complained that my pains still had not been removed. Each time, Mr. Kawai responded that he was still "repairing" me and reminded me that it would take 15 treatments. But as I continued, the pains gradually dissipated. And after the 14th treatment, I felt that the pains have been removed. Until then, I could not even go out of the house, and even inside the house, I had to walk hanging on to something.

Even after the 15th treatment I was afraid to go out. Gradually, though, I went to neighborhood shops, using a walker and when I got tired I sat on it and was pushed. Now, I can walk even to the station. I thought of coming here today on my own, and came alone on a train and bus. It gives me such confidence. Until today my son drove me over here. If I move too much, my back and leg become heavy but never painful.

It was so true that 15 treatments would cure me. I am so grateful to Mr. Kawai. I will increase my walking distance and hope to become more confident.

Mrs. O. (in her 70s) who suffered from ringing ears, feeling of the stuffed ears and dizziness

January 20, 2015

I had an orthopaedist of a hospital check the serious case of my ringing ears, the feeling of stuffed ears and dizziness. Asked by the doctor which of the three was most annoying to me, I replied the ringing ears. The doctor prescribed a medicine, which stopped the ringing the next day but the dizziness and the feeling of the stuffed ears worsened, and the ringing returned only after one day. I was afraid of the medicine and apprehensive of the symptoms disappearing and appearing, and decided to stop taking the medicine.

As I had been treated by Mr. Kawai before, I decided to seek for his help. He told me "The stuffed- ear feeling will stop after ten treatments. The ringing may take longer but you will gradually not even notice the ringing." Initially I had his treatment three times a week and then twice weekly. He was truly dedicated. One day, the stuffed-ear feeling was gone, at which time I began taking herb medicine. Just as he said, the stuffed ear feeling disappeared and the ringing and dizziness no longer bothered me.

Before I received his treatment, I had been afraid of collapsing from the dizziness, or my ears felt as though it had a stop on them, and were constantly ringing. All these made me not wanting to go out. But now I am fine and can go out. I am getting his treatment on my knees now.

Mr. S. (63 years-old) with the excruciating arm pain due to a slipped disk of the neck

January 13, 2015

I first visited Kawai Shinkyuin in April 2013, because of the excruciating pains from my right shoulder to the border of the scapula and to my arm. The pains were so bad that I even wished to have my arm cut-off!! I could not sleep at night because of the pains and could not handle chopsticks. A certain neck position could remove the pains, but that was impossible to keep more than a minute. I really wanted to have my arm cut off.

I went to a hospital and had MRI taken, but was told that there was nothing so extraordinary about my discs. I want to all kinds of treatment, whenever someone recommended some therapy, but nothing cured the pains and rather the pains worsened. I could not work at all. That was when I met Mr. Kawai.

Since Mr. Kawai first told me to come at least five time consecutively, I went on a daily basis. Each day, the pain gradually dissipated. I could not believe it. But honestly, as Mr. Kawai told me, after 5 or 6 treatments, the excruciating pains were gone. If I stayed still, the pain sometimes come back, but with the shoulder exercise taught by him, I could even work now. As I continued the treatment, after a month or so, I was able to return to my work fully.

Mrs. W. (78 years-old) with piercing pains in the right eye

Dec. 24, 2014

I suffered for 10 years with piercing pains on my right eye ball whether I had the eye open or closed, and the feeling of dazzlingly bright light. I had commuted to a hospital for 10 years but they could not find any problem despite all the available tests they made. They only gave me eye medicines, which did not help at all. I was even diagnosed as a psychological case and was sent to a psychiatrist, who almost destroyed me with tranquilizers. When they changed the prescribed medicine, I lost all my appetite. The psychiatrist also gave up on me. My daughter then heard about Kawai Shinkyuin and took me here.

Mr. Kawai immediately told me "Your problem is not with your eye ball but with your autonomic nerves. Because of your naturally weak eye, the symptom appears on the eye, but it will certainly be cured. The eye-ball pain can be cured in ten treatment sessions but the feeling of dazzling light may take two years." Of course, I was very relieved and delighted and was determined to continue the treatment here.

Mr. Kawai attentively listened to my description of symptoms for over an hour and told me to keep a diary of the changing symptoms. It was the first time a doctor listened to me for so long, and I was deeply impressed. Of course, I kept a diary.

After the 9th treatment, I felt very good in the train going home, but I did not realize that the piercing pain was no longer there. The next morning, when I woke up, I noticed that there was no more pain for the first time in so many years!! I was truly surprised and looked all around me. I, of course, called my children, who were astonished. I wanted to call Mr. Kawai immediately but since it was a Sunday, I waited until the next day to thank him.

Mr. Kawai said that my nerve system had been switched to a condition where parasympathetic nerve is dominant, and that thereafter the treatment would be to only stabilize the condition. I have nothing but gratitude to Mr. Kawai. My body temperature had been always low, in the 35 degree C level, which rose to 36.5 degree C. My body warmed. It was so great!!

Mrs. T. (55 years old) who suffered from osteoarthritis of the hip

December 15, 2014

Seven years ago, the cartilage of both my hip bones wore out but I had pains on my right side and the orthopaedics only gave me pain-killers. About a year ago, I could not exert any force on the right hip bone, which made me want to protect it. That may have been the cause but my left hip bone became so painful that I could not walk. So, I had them X-rayed and was told that the right one was already deformed, though not the left one. The orthopaedist told me that unless I got a surgery, it could not be cured, but that a surgery was not recommendable to anyone under 60 years old. I asked what could be done and he only said that the only solution was to check every 6 months or a year.

I could not walk up stairways unless I held on to a rail. Walking was so painful that I dragged my feet. And the only position with which I could sleep with the pains was on my stomach. Then, my cousin heard about Kawai Shinkyuin and recommended me to go. I had no idea what acupuncture was, whether it would be effective on my symptom. As I looked into its website, it said that many people suffering from dislocated hipbones frequent the clinic, which convinced me. I came with a walking cane, accompanied by my cousin and husband. I was feeling like grabbing on the last straw!! Seeing how I dragged my feet on the way to the clinic, everyone asked me "Are you all right?"

I was really surprised to have so many needles inserted on me and then to have to exercise with the needles stuck on me. My cousin was also astonished. Today is the ninth treatment, but I feel so good. Before, I had to use my husband’s shoulder to climb up stairways, but it’s no longer necessary. I don’t use the cane normally anymore, only when I have to go to a distant place by myself. I can sleep on my back, stretching my legs!

My life is now rosy, as I can foresee how I will recover and improve gradually. Previously, I thought I had to fight with these pains and was worried when I could ever walk again. I no longer need to worry and can exert a force on my legs. Life is really rosy for me now!

Ms. Y (29 years-old) with pains due to the partial tearing of ligament of right knee

November 14, 2014

I went to Kawai Shinkyuin in May 2014 because I partially tore the fore-crucial ligament of my right knee during skiing in March. I went to a hospital in April and was told that I would have to undergo a surgery by taking an unused tendon to tie up the loosened fore-crucial ligament. Since I did not want to have a surgery, I was introduced to Kawai Shinkyuin to get treatments.

When I visited the clinic for the first time, I had pains when walking or going up and down stairways. When I lay down, my knee could not stretch, and it was very unstable. Mr. Kawai's treatment is completely different from other acupuncturists. The amount of time the needles are inserted was shorter than others, and thus I felt much less burden on my body. Of course, exercising with the needles stuck on me was tough, but because of the shorter time the needles were in, the burden on my body was less. After each treatment, I was able to move my knee easily because of the expanded mobility.

My knee was cured after 13 treatments. It is completely different now. I can walk up and down stairways, and feel no more pain when walking. I can even run now! I can cross my legs, so I can join parties in Japanese rooms where we have to sit on the floor. It was only a matter of two months that I improved so much, and I am truly happy.

Mrs. N. (47 years-old) who was told by an orthopaedist that her right knee had aged to someone in the 70’s

October 9, 2014

I visited Kawai Shinkyuin in March 2014 with terrible knee pains. Ten days prior, my right knee swallowed like a small watermelon and I went to an orthopaedist who told me that it had liquid, but could not remove it, since the needle could not reach the water. I had always had painful knee and I had gone to about three hospitals previously, but nothing changed. One orthopaedist told me laughingly that my knee was that of a 70 year-old person.

I had been treated by Mr. Kawai two years before on my backache and was cured after 5 treatments. So, I thought only he could help me. Mr. Kawai told me that the pain was inside of my back right knee and calf. He also told me either to lose 10 kgs or come twice a week, but I could come only once a week and could not lose weight.

With the knee treatment, I gradually improved, like being able to stretch my knee. Compared to the earlier back treatment, this one on my knee is like a real match. Each needle had an electric reaction. Since a knee trouble also involved the calf, I wanted to have the knee cured completely. I enjoy walking now. Before, I always wondered whether I could walk even a short distance and had to rely on taxis a lot. I walk more now when I need to move. At my work I cannot avoid lifting heavy things. So I am very glad that I improved and can do everything required of me now.

I wanted to check the bone condition and had my knee X-rayed at the hospital where I had been earlier told my knee was that of a 70 years old. I compared the pictures of before and after the Kawai treatment. The earlier photo showed no space between bones of my knee, but the latter one had a nice space. I was astonished that such a miracle could happen.

Mrs. O. (65 years old) with powerful pains and numbness from the hip, left buttocks, leg and foot

May 23, 2014

Last July I could not walk with pains in the hip, buttocks and foot. As I could not get on the train, my husband and daughter drove me to Kawai Shinkyuin. Since I could not sit up, I lied down on the car seat. Even a tiniest tremor gave me the pains.

When I first felt the pain, I had my back X-rayed and was told to get an MRI scanning because of a prickle on the cartilage. But with the increasing pains, on which no pain-killers even worked, I was told that only a surgery could cure the symptom. As I did not want to have a surgery, I inquired around and was recommended to visit Kawai Shinkyuin. I came here as my last resort.

Mr. Kawai told me that I would be cured if I continued treatment here. I commuted daily for 10 days. After four or five treatments, I recognized improvements, as I was able to sit up and even walk slowly. I received about 20 treatments and became completely well. Mr. Kawai said that henceforth a monthly maintenance would be sufficient, and I have been coming once a month ever since. It’s been a year now, and I can now come here on a train on my own.

I did have acupuncture elsewhere before, but none worked. Here, Mr. Kawai inserted about 70 needles in my first treatment. I felt guilty for so many needles!! I was surprised when I was told to do a little exercise with the needles in. But thinking that it would cure me, I endured the trial, and each time I came here, I felt better.

I no longer have any trouble. But I still come once a month, because I would worry otherwise. Though I don’t have pain, I come here for my psychological assurance. It is unbelievable how I crawled in the house when I had to go to the toilet. It is all thanks to Mr. Kawai. I will continue to come here until I die. Some people are apprehensive about the effect of acupuncturing, but I have been really cured. Everyone is surprised when I tell them about exercising with the needles on our body.

Mr. Kawai first told me that 15 to 20 treatments would work, and it was exactly as he said. I have friends who go to an acupuncturist once a week. I think once a month visit here would be far better!!